Last Minute Outback Dinner

I spent all morning running around doing various errands and things today.  First I had breakfast which was instant cinnamon swirl oatmeal made with fat-free milk and I threw in a handful of blueberries.  I really like this Quaker oatmeal with fiber because it’s not TOO high in sugar like so many are.  But once I use all the oatmeal in my pantry I plan on buying some plain oats and making it myself.

After breakfast I ran a bunch of errands.  I also made a stop at Whole Foods where I got some of the self-churn oven roasted peanut butter.  It’s my fave!  And I love that it’s fresh and has no added ingredients.

I came home starving and made myself a broccoli mushroom and cheese egg white omelet- delicious, nutritious and super easy!  I also enjoyed a whole grain English muffin on the side- well half while the omelet was cooking because I was so hungry.  I use Sargento reduced fat provolone- definitely don’t miss the fat!

I told myself all day I would go to the gym but never got up the energy to go for some reason.  Luckily, my friend Marisa called me to go for a walk at a nearby hilly trail.  It was supposed to be a walk.  A few minutes in we realized we were being eaten by tons of mosquitoes.  Our walk quickly turned into us running out of there to avoid the critters!  I seriously have about 10 bug bites now and am itching like crazy! Ugh!  After we decided to meet 2 of our friends at Outback for dinner.  I ordered the grilled Mahi which shocking had under 400 calories and was really tasty!  I’d definitely recommend it!  I hadn’t been in outback for a long time and they actually did some renovations and it looked nice.  We used to go all the time in high school with different sports teams I was on.  Brought back some memories!

Off to spend the rest of the night with Nick 🙂


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