Yellow Tomatoes

I’m writing this post as I upload the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album- I’m With You- into my iTunes library.  My boyfriend, Nick, went out on his lunch break to buy it for me and surprised me with it tonight!  I can’t wait to run to it tomorrow!  🙂

Today I had some of my favorite meals.

For breakfast I had a homemade parfait.  I layered Bear Naked vanilla crunch granola under Chobani vanilla greek yogurt and topped it with some fresh berries and a couple of walnuts.  I think if I had to pick one meal to live off of for the rest of my life it might be this.  I would never get sick of it!

After breakfast I went to a local park to go for a run.  The weather was PERFECT today.  This was my first time running outdoors in a really long time- I’ve become tied to my treadmill runs lately!  I feel like running outside and running on a treadmill are two totally different workouts!  The stamina just does not translate for me.  I think it could have to do with my ability to pace myself.  So today I decided to not track my distance or pace but to just run.  I only ran for about 25 minutes and finished with a 10 minute walk back to my car.  I came home and did some weight-training with my 5 pound dumbbells.  I did bi’s, tri’s, shoulders, some lunges, and 100 crunches before showering and getting ready for work.

Lunch was another of my favorite meals: salad!  In college, I worked in a sandwich and salad shop and it was there that I grew a love for salads!  One of my friends said to me recently that she only eats salads that she buys because she doesn’t like “home-made” ones.  Prepared salads can be so expensive and they are really so simple to make!  My salad had Romaine lettuce that I simply cut with my lettuce-scissors (I made that name up but this is one of the best inventions ever and one of the best gifts I’ve ever received courtesy of my boyfriend- Nick’s mom).  I then added some red onion, an orange bell pepper, chick peas, and a yellow tomato (that comes from my boyfriend’s garden!).  I love yellow tomatoes- way more than the red ones- so I love that I have a basically endless supply of them (for free!) in the summertime! 🙂  I also added to my salad a few pieces of Morning Star chicken meal starters which I was trying for the first time.  I am a huge fan of Morning Star and love so many of their products but these weren’t for me.  Something about the texture just didn’t do it for me- they tasted a bit rubbery.  Luckily I had chick peas in there already so I wasn’t missing out on the protein.

After dinner (pot roast, courtesy of my mom), Nick and I took about a mile and a half walk that led us to Starbucks.  We shared a java chip light frappuccino that was delicious.  Walking around my neighborhood was a bit eerie due to the widespread power outages from Hurricane Irene.  The streets were so dark!  The peace and quiet was nice for our walk but I’m so grateful I still have my power!



My outdoor run got me curious and I started searching the internet for different takes on treadmill vs. outdoor running.  Here’s a list of pros for each from


Treadmill Running Pros:

  • No weather, temperature, or terrain issues.
  • Can stop anytime you need or want.
  • Can workout while watching tv if you like.
  • Smooth, cushioned surface is easier on the joints .
  • No concerns about personal safety.

Outdoor Running Pros:

  • You can run anywhere.
  • It’s much more functional for daily activities.
  • You get to enjoy the scenery, get fresh air, notice changing seasons, weather, and enjoy nature.
  • It’s generally more challenging and you expend more calories.
  • It’s likely more motivating. You must complete a distance goal and can’t just stop & get off.
  • Most people report a greater feeling of accomplishment running outside.
  • You can take new routes and see something new everyday.


What’s better: treadmill or the great outdoors??


I think for me it really just depends on my mood!


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